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Energy Monitoring solutions from NorthWrite

Energy Monitoring software NorthWrite offers web based software for the buildings industry on their WorkSiteTM platform.  WorkSiteTM includes tools for energy management (including Energy ExpertTM as part of the Energy WorksiteTM), monitoring, facility, security, and restaurant management (including DegreeGuardTM and EnergyGuardTM).  All applications are developed with an eye for simplicity and ease of implementation.  NorthWrite is headquartered in Minneapolis Minnesota. 

NorthWrite offers web-based software for the buildings industry on their WorkSiteTM Suite platforms (5 Standard Worksite Suites platforms).  WorkSiteTM is provided includes a suite of tools for energy management (including Energy ExpertTM as part of the Energy WorksiteTM), monitoring, facility, security, and restaurant management (including DegreeGuardTM and EnergyGuardTM).  NorthWrite's WorkSiteTM contains straightforward software applications called WorkSite Tools.  Our WorkSite Tools are so simple to use that they do not require training manuals, and learning curves are virtually non-existent. Your customized WorkSiteTM includes only the tools that you need to get your job done.  From the general tools available on a standard WorkSiteTM, such as Communicator and Project Manager, to our specific tools for measuring and improving your operation, there is a full suite of helpful software tools available to you, and more are being developed every day.

Because you subscribe to the WorkSiteTM for a reasonable monthly fee, there is no capital budgeting required, nor inside experts needed to manage a huge, complex computer system.  You simply choose any or all of the tools that meet your needs, and can instantly add or subtract desired tools.

Your personalized, password-protected WorkSiteTM works from a central database so that information can be easily shared with those who need it. For example, Project Manager provides an easy tool for planning and tracking projects that all team members can view for the most current information. You can access your WorkSiteTM anytime, anywhere, from any online computer.  

Energy WorksiteTM

The Energy WorkSiteTM is a web-based collaborative platform with integrated communications, program management and energy analysis tools that seamlessly connect all stakeholders to ensure your energy programs meet their objectives with achievable and sustainable long-term results.  The Energy WorkSiteTM allows for flexible and scalable program management of a single building location to an expansive portfolio of buildings. Whether you are a program manager, utility representative, facility manager or service provider, the capabilities of the Energy WorkSite will make your job easier and your efforts more efficient.

Complexity and timeliness of information for decision making are two very real problems for anyone managing a multi-site energy savings program.  Looking at a hypothetical example of an owner of 100 buildings planning to launch an energy savings program, their operation might include:

  • Monthly utility bills (2 per building) ˜200+
  • Historic utility bills (assuming 2-year history for comparison) ˜5,000+
  • Data feeds (for collecting 15-minute consumption data) ˜200 meters+
  • Service providers (providing third-party program services) ˜20-50+
  • Technicians (internal/external or combination) ˜30-100+
  • Property/facility managers ˜20-50+
  • Energy savings measures ˜2,000+
  • Utilities ˜5-50+
  • Documents (commissioning reports, rebate docs, etc.) ˜300-500+
  • Tenants (organizations) ˜1,000+
  • Building occupants ˜10,000+

While the actual numbers may vary for your program, the problem remains the same. Mainly, how do you track, interpret, manage, and make intelligent decisions in this environment?

This is where the Energy WorksiteTM comes in. This comprehensive energy program management toolkit enables you to track, in real-time, the progress of your activities. You can instantly see how much energy you’ve saved to date, which sites have implemented their ESM’s (Energy Savings Measures), which ones are lagging, when the last task was completed at a building, or even how much money was saved at a particular location yesterday! Since all the users are constantly updating their tasks and documents, the wireless meters are running 24/7 and billing data are updated daily, the information you’re viewing is as current as it gets! You know, RIGHT NOW, what’s going on in your program and can make intelligent decisions based on accurate, timely information.

Energy WorksiteTM contains a highly specialized set of software tools focused on data collection, analysis, and management of energy information and projects.  The user interface, underlying data and results generated by the software applications are integrated within the Energy WorksiteTM platform.

Energy ExpertTM

Energy ExpertTM is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use software application that trains itself using interval meter data to create a “smart model” of your building. Developed jointly with the U.S. Department of Energy, this tool compares daily energy consumption against this norm. The Energy ExpertTM will tell you whether your facility over consumed, under-consumed or used about the “right” amount of energy through a convenient email notification.

Next day notifications triggers analysis of interval meter data and ESM (Energy Savings Measures) trend logs to track down the cause of over-consumption. This results in faster response to fix problems and minimize cost impact.  Notifications predicting potential peak demand days allows you to take actions to prevent costly peak demand charges.  This is one of the Worksite tools that is included in the Energy WorksiteTM Suite.

Features of Energy ExpertTM include:

  • Next day notifications arrive in convenient email format when usage exceeds limits;
  • Notifications have a link to take you directly to the underlying data displayed in easy to understand tables and graphs;
  • Notifications trigger actions that maintain sustainability of ESM's implemented in your energy program;
  • Color coded scheme highlights each day on a monthly calendar;
  • Energy and cost savings from an energy program are calculated for each day, month, YTD, and aggregate;
  • Energy and Cost overages are shown for each day and are available on-demand to explain budget variances;
  • Wireless monitor to capture interval meter data is easily installed and uploaded automatically through the GSM cellular network.

The direct benefits of Energy ExpertTM are:

  • The ability to automatically monitor the energy consumption of a facility and its major energy end-uses;
  • To automatically identify degradation in efficiency;
  • And to initiate corrections quickly, at lower cost, and with less labor than would otherwise be possible;
  • Recognizing when potential problems exist enables building operations staff to maintain efficient facilities;
  • And helps companies realize cost savings while simultaneously being responsible corporate citizens.

Indirect benefits of this technology include:

  • Contributing to more efficient use of our energy resources;
  • Reducing demand on the highly-stressed electric power grid;
  • Lowering emissions of air pollutants;
  • And a positive contribution to global climate change.

Energy ExpertTM is a cost effective solution to meet advanced electric metering requirements for all Federal buildings (EPAct 2005).  Many companies are currently using Energy ExpertTM to track the implementation of broader energy savings programs. In these cases, it is used to ensure that the companies are realizing savings, provide accurate estimates of those savings, and ensure their persistence.  In other cases, customers use Energy ExpertTM to monitor their ongoing building operations and “flag” unusual changes in energy use. This enables building operators to quickly respond to these changes to minimize their long-term impacts. Electric utilities are implementing the Energy ExpertTM for overall tracking of commissioning and continuous improvement programs.  According to NorthWrite, a building owner who uses the Energy ExpertTM and is committed to implementing appropriate low-cost/no-cost operational changes to their building can expect to reduce electric consumption by as much as 10-20%.

Restaurant Worksite (DegreeGuardTM/EnergyGuardTM)

Do you know how often your temperatures exceed the recommended range for safe storage or how hard your equipment is running to keep up with cooling demand?

With DegreeGuardTM you can proactively monitor the temperature of your equipment and receive an email or text message when conditions exceed your recommended thresholds. It provides real-time monitoring of your cooling equipments activity and performance.  DegreeGuardTM can be used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores and supermarkets, schools, refrigerated truck trailers, pharmacies, blood banks, vaccination storage, and other temperature critical environments.


DegreeGuardTM is a fully-wireless monitoring solution that provides continuous monitoring of coolers, freezers and dining areas.

Product Features:

  • Wireless monitoring over GPRS Global Cellular Network;
  • Flexible, graphical views of temperatures, high-low ranges;
  • Real-time alarms sent via e-mail or text message;
  • Tracks and archives cooling equipment activity;
  • Responds immediately when customer-defined limits exceeded.

Product Benefits:

  • Protects food inventory;
  • Automates temperature recording;
  • Improves equipment performance;
  • Reduces energy consumption;
  • HACCP compliant;
  • Warns of equipment failure;
  • Low initial and monthly cost;
  • Effortless Installation – 10 minute installation.

How it Works 

DegreeGuard working in a facility

1. When you sign up for the DegreeGuardTM monitoring service through NorthWrite, a wireless monitor will be delivered promptly to your door. Each DegreeGuardTM will include wireless monitoring, web-based software tools, and one temperature sensor.

Web-based software tools include:

  • Email and cellphone notification
  • Daily and Monthly Charting and Graphs
  • Statistical reports
  • Administrative tools
  • DegreeGuard online customer support

2. DegreeGuardTM monitors will take regular readings of environmental conditions of your temperature critical environments and wirelessly transmit that data to NorthWrite.

3. NorthWrite's data analysis process will compile your data and provide you with online results; accessible by you from anywhere you have internet access.


To assist you in another area of growing importance, EnergyGuardTM, a web-based software tool developed with the support of the US Department of Energy.  EnergyGuardTM helps you track utility costs, benchmark energy usage, and determine your building’s carbon footprint. 

EnergyGuardTM will help you stay ahead of the competition by comparing your energy usage throughout the year against other Energy Savings using EnergyGuardnational restaurants of similar size. EnergyGuardTM tracks your energy usage intensity and ranks your restaurant based on your monthly utility bills. This enables you and your business to identify and prioritize your energy savings measures. Remember, it's nearly impossible to manage on what you cannot measure. Don't let energy inefficiency hurt your bottom line. Let EnergyGuardTM help reduce unnecessary consumption to a minimum and allow you to stay on top of energy demands as well as your profits!

Product Features:

  • Tracks energy usage and ranks amongst national average;
  • Energy comparison graph that allows you to see other restaurants in your climate;
  • Tracks your carbon emissions associated with your restaurants energy usage;
  • Totals usage and energy costs by month.

Product Benefits: 

  • Identifies potential for energy savings;
  • Reduces carbon footprint through implementing energy savings measures;
  • Improves profits and allows you to stay ahead of the competition.

DegreeGuardTM combines several tools to maximize your benefits. We also know that it's nearly impossible to manage what you cannot measure. Therefore, DegreeGuardTM will help you keep track of storage temperatures, and equipment performance. EnergyGuardTM will help you determine how energy efficient your restaurant is against national averages.  

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