Manufactured in USA

UL Listed:  File No. E132743, Category 5B81 Industrial Control Equipment

CSA Listed: Category LR99910

U.S. Patent: No. 5,105,327 A.C. Power Conditioning Circuit

General Service Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule: Power Distribution Equipment, FSC Group 61, Part V, Section B Special Item 412-I2, Line Conditioners

New York City Approval: Submission # 92A0390

Patented in over 20 nations

Alternative Energy Management, LLC
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Power Quality Systems

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USES® Shunt Efficiency System

Alternative Energy Management, LLC (AEM) is a Power Shaver licensed distributor for the USES® Shunt Efficiency System, the industry leader in proprietary and verified all-in-one, energy reduction, power quality improvement and surge protection systems. The USES® technology is UL, CSA, GSA and utility patent performance verified, dynamic, passive,resonance free and reduces kW demand and kWh consumption through five methods, while also having two forms of surge protection. They are modular, voltage specific units that install in parallel to your electrical system and have been installed in facilities around the world for over 18 years.

* The first method of reduction is magnetic phase balancing of voltage and current to reduce waste, demand, friction and heat in loads.

* The second method is passive resonance free power factor correction to reduce the reactive nonpower current and heat, reducing consumption.

* The third method is harmonic filtering of non-power currents to reduce consumption and improve power quality.

* The fourth method is transient energy conversion accomplished through the surge protections selfhealing magnetic chokes. Energy above and below the operational voltage of a facility is absorbed and instead of being heat disbursed out is reconstituted and shunted back to the customer as usable power.

* The fifth method is the ability through its chokes to generate a current from each phase that is injected into the adjacent phases as usable power.

All of these methods add up to at least the minimum reductions stated in the spec sheets, but
because of the dynamic nature of the technology, the system can reduce much more depending on the power quality of the environment in which it is installed.

The USES® units are not custom built per loads, but are specifically and intentionally placed through out a facility according to its operational demands. These units help protect against the damage caused by surges, sags and phasing and are maintenance free. The units expected life is approximately 15 to 20 years as they have exceeded the projected longevity.
All USES® models are VFD or any control system compatible.
AEM specializes in the design and installation of proprietary, all in one USES® devices that provide: 

  • Demand and Energy Reduction
  • Power Conditioning
  • Phase Balancing
  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • Harmonic Filtration
  • Power Factor Correction 

for industrial, commercial, recreational vehicles, and residential customers to protect their equipment and reduce their cost of operation.

We Customize

AEM offers standard and custom fabricated efficiency and protection systems that are installed in parallel at the electrical panel or at a specific inductive load, such as but not limited to: refrigeration, air conditioning, conveyor systems, elevators and large motors. We have products to assist in any situation.

Our Process

In order for AEM to provide an USES® Shunt Efficiency System proposal, we will need specific information to determine the detailed electrical requirements and types of equipment unique to your facility.  Upon completion of our Savings Evaluation Request form we will then be able to generate a proposal with a performance guarantee.  Upon installation, AEM will verify the system performance through timed interval sampling electrical measurements and the actual electrical usage.

AEM & Solar

USES® Shunt Efficiency System reduces power consumption 24 hours a day and can reduce 3 to 5 times the energy for the same cost as solar.  By applying our systems prior to assessing for solar, your demand for electrical power will be reduced, requiring a smaller solar system and saving you even more.


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