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USES® Advantage

The USES® Shunt Efficiency System


People are always asking me what the initials USES stand for.  They aren’t initials for anything.  I call it that because it has a lot of uses.  It can protect appliances from power surges of as much as 20,000 to 30,000 volts.  It reduces electrical demand and saves people money.  It saves energy.  It lengthens the lifespan of electric motors and appliances.  It can create a lot of manufacturing jobs.  It saves in reinstallation costs for electrical services.  It just has a lot of uses.”

Inventor, E. Brian Wohlforth
in an excerpt from a newspaper article in the Technology section of The Hartford Courant, Monday, May 27, 1991

Inventor E. Brian Wohlforth, in developing a customized surge suppression device for a client, created a unique solution with applications and benefits far beyond simple surge and spike protection. His innovative approach to power conditioning offers energy reduction on inductive loads, and equipment protection on all loads with unsurpassed savings potential.
USES® is able to monitor the voltage, current, magnetism and the electricity load of an electrical circuit every nanosecond, or about one-billionth of a second.  It then transforms wasted energy into usable energy, while simultaneously removing harmful distortions in your facility's electrical power, with its patented technology consisting of parallel wrap-around magnetic chokes oriented to couple magnetic forces across each electrical phase by the current.  When connected to inductive loads, USES® will:

  • Lower true kW demand
  • Lower kilowatt hour consumption
  • Reduce total current including harmonics
  • Correct power factor with no RCL resonance*
  • Suppress surges and spikes in two ways
  • Improve voltage regulation
  • Balance electrical phases
  • Reduce motor, electronics and lighting wear and maintenance
  • Extend the useful life of motors, electronics and lighting
  • Increase the capacity of your electrical system
  • Reduce carbon and other emissions
                                            *USES® is a power conditioning system that is compatible with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and other Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) systems.
                                            USES® is a true sole source technology that possesses a unique combination of power enhancement capabilities that give you an unparalleled return on your investment. 
                                            USES® has an expected useful life of 15-20 or more years for most power environments, which is backed up with manufacturer's data that shows 97.6% of all Systems installed since 1988 are still running and producing as they were when they were originally installed.  USES® is warranted by the manufacturer for 3 years.
                                            The bottom line is savings – in hard and soft dollars – not only in your energy consumption and on your electrical bills, but on your capital budget as well.

                                            COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS

                                            CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS
                                            AEM offers standards, custom fabricated efficiency and protection units that can be installed in parallel at the electrical panel, or at a specific inductive load such as, refrigeration, air conditioning, conveyor systems, elevators and large motors. We can also install on VFD assisted loads.

                                            HOW DO WE SAVE YOU MONEY?
                                            Our technology reduces the current demand through the meter, so you buy fewer watts to do the same job. USES® helps extend equipment life through the reduction of heat in your equipment, protects against electrical spikes and surges, increases the electrical panels’ capacity and pays for itself in no time at all. This means big savings for your company!

                                            HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES
                                            In the following examples, two motors have been measured before and after being optimized with our technologies. Notice how both the AMPS and the WATTS readings dropped after being optimized and the POWER FACTOR increased. All of this resulted in an overall reduction in their energy consumption, which equates to big savings on those companies’ energy bills.



                                            • Lowers your electric bill 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
                                            • Actually generates watts from inefficient power.
                                            • Industrial quality surge and spike protection for all your electronics.
                                            • Extends the life of all motors in appliances and equipment.
                                            • A fraction of the cost of a solar installation.
                                            • Worldwide 18-year track record in thousands of homes and businesses.
                                            • State-of-the-Art, patented Green Technology.
                                            • System pays for itself in less than 3 years (typical) - actually creates a positive cash flow with credit card purchase or lease plan.
                                            • Money-back guarantee.
                                            • Proudly made in U.S.A.
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